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PILOT4DEV is an independent initiative that connects global stakeholders in pilot development initiatives related to Climate Change, Cities' transformation, Governance, Conflicts/Stability, Environmental Sustainability, international SDGs ( including Gender Equality.

It gathers enthusiastic personalities, active organizations and pioneering initiatives. It builds on previous projects such as the Pilotcities  network, the EAST project on sustainable urbanization in Europe and Asia, the New Medina project, the AWARD project on Culture and Governance, and the PROM project on Gender. PILOT4DEV welcomes any joint initiative and project’s cooperation that could strengthen the objectives of the organization:

  • To promote stability, peace, governance,

  • To fight against climate change

  • To enable international SDGs by organizing multi-level action

  • To combine research and action

  • To propose a diversity of narratives

  • To strengthen existing actions

  • To connect multi-level stakeholders for knowledge exchange

  • To support advocacy and decision-making.  

Our values are Independence, Sustainability and Positive impact.