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In February 2023, Dr Pascaline Gaborit and Prof Isabelle Milbert took part in the study visits to 3 Indonesian Pilot Cities: Ternate, Banjarmasin and Mataram. 

This study visit was an opportunity to understand the needs and challenges of the different cities in terms of waste management, water, and disaster risk management. 

The study visits were followed by a panel of Experts in Surabaya the 1-3 March involving 95 participants from the cities, ministries, CSOs, as well as the European partners. This panel was the opportunity to dicuss about local funding possibilities to solve the infrastructure challenges in terms of sanitation, water, and waste. The pilot cities also receive regular trainings on Climate Adaptation and climate mitigation.  

More information is available on the website GROUP

The General Assembly of Pilot4dev took place on May 5th 2023. The activity report is  now online: Activity_Report_Pilot4dev_2022-2023_v2.pdf

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The 4th LIFE Scientific Committee was on the 12th and 13th of January 2023 !

Did you know that seagrasses reduce the incidence of pathogenic marine bacteria in seawater by 50%, hence participating to disease control? And this is only one of the many benefits provided by seagrass beds! Broadly, they participate to climate mitigation, climate adaptation, enhanced resilience and many other societal benefits. 

They are widely threatened by human activities, on land and sea, as well as by climate change.

What can be done to tackle this threat?

We are proud to present Pilot4dev latest publication 'Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Challenges and Potential Solutions'. Download the flyer.flyer_book_climate_adaptation_and_resilience.pdf


Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. Escalating climate disasters like storms, floods, and dry spells lead to disruptions,social conflicts, and unrest. This book elucidates the reality of climate adaptation related challenges and needs in vulnerable territories.It considers cities, land use, anticipatory governance, and the role of civil society, as well  as early warning systems and nature-based solutions. The research also highlights major obstacles such as funding, knowledge gaps,trade-offs, social justice, and multi-stakeholder cooperation. The book is unique in that it unites a variety of perspectives and examples from different regions to develop a thorough and nuanced perspective on potential climatechange solutions and the barriers to behavioral change at all levels of climate-related decision making.

The main author is Pascaline Gaborit. Find more about all the authors : Biographies_and_Acknowledgments.pdf  Order a print copy online

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Pilot4dev is pleased to support the NGO LEDARS in the emergency response to the flash floods in Sylhet Bangladesh.As another climate related disaster, this year unprecented flash floods swept away homes and inundated farmlands, forcing families to seek shelter on higher ground and temporary flood shelters. According to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC), around 94 percent of Sunamganj and over 84 percent of Sylhet were submerged by floods leaving many people stranded or homeless. On August 11, 2022  LEDARS team has started the distribution of food packages to households’ representatives. LEDARS team has taken the assistance of local volunteers who helped the food recipients to reach the survival package at their door step.Sylhet pic 2

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